Tattooing since 2007. I first worked at Diablo Tattoo, went on to 

Porky Royale Tattoo before I started my first own shop, Crooked Moon

Tattoo Stockholm. 2019 I changed name and location and opened 

Forever Lost Tattoo. I’m really proud to be among the first in the world

to earn a mastership diploma in tattooing (mästarbrev). I´m a member of

SRT (Swedish Registered Tattooers)

Stylewise I work in many different styles but mostly in traditional,

neotraditional and japanese, color or black.

Tattooing since 2000. I started my career on Gotland, then tattooing took me to Stockholm and then further away before coming back to Europe. I enjoy tattooing different styles, but my personal favourite is Japanese influenced tattoos. I’ve always been drawn to it and try to find my own voice in it, creating something both personal and unique for each client.